Mentholatum Australia

Company Day 2024



Company Day is a celebratory day where all of MAUS staff come together to acknowledge the challenges and successes of the previous financial year and together look at what is to come.

It is an opportunity for all of the departments to show the wider business what they are focusing on, and what their goals are for the future, truly painting an image for the entirety of MAUS to see the overall picture of our strategy.

This year, our celebration was extra special–it was Mentholatum’s 135th Anniversary. To celebrate the occasion, we threw a birthday party, with balloons, party favours and party hats.

As part of the partnership between Deep Heat and Channel 9, MAUS was lucky to have hosted Jimmy Bartel as our Guest Speaker for the day. Jimmy spoke of how he overcame challenges, the importance of Team work and collaboration as well as how he found success comes with trust.

His words of wisdom resonated with all staff, and greatly aligned with MAUS’ business strategy of scaling up.We would like to thank Jimmy for his words and for making MAUS’ 135th Anniversary celebration extra special. Your ideas and concepts are something we will definitely aim to putinto practice within our workplace

Company Day

Jimmy Bartel Presenting at Company Day