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About Mentholatum

The Makers of Deep Heat
With over 100 years’ experience supporting people’s health, Mentholatum has become a leader in many categories including topical pain relief, joint health and muscle health, as well as skin care and gut health.

Did You Know?

  • Deep Heat and Alpha Keri are proudly Australian made, manufactured in Victoria
  • Manufactured in 7 locations
  • Headquarters and factory operations located in Scoresby (Victoria)
  • Owned by pharmaceutical giant Rohto – the 3rd largest OTC company in Japan
  • Marketing and distribution in 150+ countries globally

The Mentholatum Story

The Mentholatum Company, Inc. was founded in 1889 in Wichita, Kansas, by Mr Albert Alexander Hyde together with his pharmacist friends to produce medicines. After 4 years of research, they successfully developed “Mentholatum Ointment” which had the properties of relieving pain, easing itch, curing cold and soothing insect bites, and was widely recommended by doctors and medical outlets. It instantly became an indispensable medicine of high reputation throughout the U.S at that time.

Mr. Hyde supported missionaries to work overseas by donating Mentholatum Ointment. This is how the product gained acceptance worldwide. At that time, Mentholatum sold very well in China, Japan and even in India. It had a factory established in Shanghai to cope with the rising demand. Prompted by his altruistic ideal, Mr. Hyde donated his shares of the Mentholatum Co. Later on, his four sons in pursuit of their father’s interest, purchased the company back and continued with the business.

Mentholatum Today

In 1988, the Mentholatum company was acquired by Rohto, a Japanese pharmaceutical group. Committed to maintaining Mentholatum’s family values, and preserving its integrity in the pharmaceutical industry, Rohto has been able to drive continued innovation in the Mentholatum group of brands.

Rohto is a major player in the Japanese pharmaceutical market with top selling products in the Topical Pain Relief, Eye Care and Skin Care categories. As a world-leading manufacturer and marketer of eye drops, the Rhoto name is synonymous with quality consumer healthcare products. The combined Rhoto group of companies has established operations in 13 major markets, with marketing and distribution agreements in more than 150 countries globally.

Made for Australians, by Australians

Mentholatum Australia has local headquarters and factory operations in Scoresby, Victoria, where brands are packed and distributed all around the country.

With over 60 staff members, Mentholatum Australia proudly supports local jobs and continues to grow as the company expands its brands portfolio in Australia.

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