Every Person Counts

We understand that the Mentholatum company is the sum of every person who works here. That’s why we select the best people for the job, and pride ourselves on consistently engaging and developing staff. We live by our core internal values every day: Collaboration, integrity, trust, and being our best. Having the best staff means that we can deliver the best products to our consumers.

Why Work with Us

Delivering healthcare solutions means that we are a company that is constantly evolving. We provide our staff with new challenges daily, and continue to strive to set new benchmarks in performance. Our staff are engaged and supported throughout their careers at Mentholatum, which is why our retention rates are so good. Importantly, we lead through our values, which is what sets us apart.


We’re stronger together, which is why we collaborate and challenge each other daily.


We don’t just talk about our values – we live them. Our integrity not only allows us to encourage the best from our team, but also allows us to produce the best products.


Trusting in each other is fundamental to communication and honesty. Our trust for one another ensures we don’t just speak – we listen, too.

Being our Best

We understand the importance of investing in our people – we provide the opportunity for our team to achieve their full potential, reach career goals and enjoy coming to work every day.